Sunday, December 14, 2014

Who knew DC Comics could put out an awesome, gritty, violent comic?! Or that I'd LOVE IT?!

Ok, I'll admit that I'm a Marvel comic book snob. I could just never get into DC. For as cool as a Batman is, we never see him kill anyone. I mean don't we WANT to see the badass Batman kill bad guys?! The other characters in the DC 'verse are pretty meh in comparison...and don't get me started on the boy scout known as Superman. 

Well, I was in my local comic shop and they suggested I try out the new reboot of Deathstroke. Here we get to meet Slade Wilson. He's a former soldier turned mercenary and has been billed as the "deadliest" character in the DCU but has never been an "A list" character. But in this new book...we see that Slade is a soldier's soldier, gritty, violent and the badass we'd expect from a guy who is all about getting the job done.

Tony S. Daniel writes and draws the book...and it's fantastic! I have always been wary of the interpretation of books when one person writes it and another draws it but there's no such issue with Daniel. He writes a smart, engaging and funny (in the mature funny, not Deadpool funny), telling of the story and his visuals are off the charts! The detail of each page is an amazing balance between large sweeping backdrops to set scene to the artistic rendering of violence and blood to put you in the moment and the action. Daniel creates a character you can't help but want to learn more about... A true badass that is worthy of his own title...and movie!!!

The first two issues have been fantastic and I can't wait to see how this book develops!

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